Shyt Happens So Shift Happens

"I allow adversity to strengthen my armor, sharpen my mind, soften my heart, and feed my spirit." I will not entertain self-pity or feel sorry for you. Life has happened to you and me both. I get it. It hurt. It's not fair. You're mad. Now, be angry enough to allow yourself to become fortified … Continue reading Shyt Happens So Shift Happens

The Year Of The Butterfly

"I surrender to the transformative power of love and allow its light to guide my path." Pain has touched our hearts and lives in so many ways, and I'm not here to make it seem as though you're supposed to sweep it under the rug, ignore it, or act like it didn't happen. It's inevitable … Continue reading The Year Of The Butterfly

Let Love Lead

Just lean in and allow love to lead! I know that there are things in our lives that seem impossible to tolerate or deal with and maybe paralyze us with fear. But, if we don't have the answers, know what to do, or feel completely helpless, just lean toward the most powerful energy that exists … Continue reading Let Love Lead

Love More

Be the reason someone feels compelled to go out a make a positive impact in this world. The alchemist, the change makers, the misfits, the artists, the healers, the non-conformists, the teachers, and the guides, your energy is what pushes generations forward. Keep pushing, keep fighting for the most vulnerable and marginalized among us, keep fighting to love more, keep fighting for truth, keep fighting for justice, keep fighting for equality, keep fighting for human rights, and more.

Sacred Self Care

Peace Beloveds, Day 27: Sacred Self Care Self-care is one of the most powerful and vital things that you can do for yourself. It's a way of honoring yourself, your importance, and your purpose. Adding mindfulness to your self-care practice can help cultivate a sense of sacredness for it. Today after you get home from … Continue reading Sacred Self Care

New Moon Energy

Peace Beloveds, Day 26: New Moon Energy Today, we have a new moon Pisces! New moons are the perfect time to set your intentions for this lunar cycle. This allows us the opportunity to tap into that vibrant lunar energy and use it to aid in manifesting our goals, dreams, and purpose. It's also a great … Continue reading New Moon Energy

Ambiance Darling

Peace Beloveds, Day 25: Ambiance Darling (In my Eartha Kitt voice) Creating spaces within your home that nurture positive and peaceful energy supports and attracts that very same energy. It speaks to the mindset of purposeful action. You're deliberately choosing to have or create the space needed to support your spirit. This is a very important … Continue reading Ambiance Darling

Pranayama Momma

Peace Beloveds, Day 24: Pranayama Momma Breathing exercises help to strengthen your life force energy while giving you greater control of it as well. Having an active meditation and pranayama practice has truly helped me to stay rooted, reduced stress levels, and enabled me to have greater clarity and focus. I start my pranayama practice … Continue reading Pranayama Momma

Thinking Of Yourself

Peace Beloveds, Day 23: Thinking of Yourself Remaining in the present moment or mindful living can be a challenge for some. Having gentle reminders that give you a little nudge may be just what you need. This can be any item that triggers the thought in your mind to bring it all in. I have … Continue reading Thinking Of Yourself

The Attitude Of Gratitude

Peace Beloveds, Day 22: The Attitude Of Gratitude Gratitude cultivates greater abundance in our lives by enabling us to hone in and focus on what we have. This type of mindfulness practice reminds us to respect not only what we have but how to treat it. Having gratitude also teaches us the art of detachment by … Continue reading The Attitude Of Gratitude