My Tribe Vibes Hard

"I set boundaries that allow individuals in my life who value my light, appreciate my complexities, nurture my fullness, love my love, and call me on my shyt." Sometimes our boundaries are not about what we keep out but instead what we allow inside our inner circle. It's just as essential to ensure that we … Continue reading My Tribe Vibes Hard

Love More

Be the reason someone feels compelled to go out a make a positive impact in this world. The alchemist, the change makers, the misfits, the artists, the healers, the non-conformists, the teachers, and the guides, your energy is what pushes generations forward. Keep pushing, keep fighting for the most vulnerable and marginalized among us, keep fighting to love more, keep fighting for truth, keep fighting for justice, keep fighting for equality, keep fighting for human rights, and more.

Sacred Self Care

Peace Beloveds, Day 27: Sacred Self Care Self-care is one of the most powerful and vital things that you can do for yourself. It's a way of honoring yourself, your importance, and your purpose. Adding mindfulness to your self-care practice can help cultivate a sense of sacredness for it. Today after you get home from … Continue reading Sacred Self Care

New Moon Energy

Peace Beloveds, Day 26: New Moon Energy Today, we have a new moon Pisces! New moons are the perfect time to set your intentions for this lunar cycle. This allows us the opportunity to tap into that vibrant lunar energy and use it to aid in manifesting our goals, dreams, and purpose. It's also a great … Continue reading New Moon Energy

Ambiance Darling

Peace Beloveds, Day 25: Ambiance Darling (In my Eartha Kitt voice) Creating spaces within your home that nurture positive and peaceful energy supports and attracts that very same energy. It speaks to the mindset of purposeful action. You're deliberately choosing to have or create the space needed to support your spirit. This is a very important … Continue reading Ambiance Darling

Unleash Your Inner Tree Hugger

Nature is not concerned with itself, it knows collective energy. Nature does not know right or wrong, it knows balance. Nature persists despite human developments, it knows power. Nature doesn't choose who it provides sustenance for, it knows the importance of ecosystems.

I Am: Creating Your Limitless Self

When we affirm anything we are saying to ourselves and the world, this is who I am, how I'm choosing to show up, and how I will be addressed.

Magic Happens In Open Spaces

The movement towards your goals and purpose are great but as with everything, it has to be balanced. There will always be a time for action and a time for inaction. Taking a moment and creating space allows the things that you are seeking to understand to become settled and integrated.

I Am Powerful Beyond Measure

Clarity fueled by dedication doesn't simply fizzle out after 2 weeks. It persists. It persists past the point of setbacks, time, negativity, or lack of support. It will drive you to creation, from mind into matter.

I’m A Soldier Of Love

I asked myself, how do I face a country where bigotry of any kind is so rampant? As I looked for what I thought was a complex and answer to a complex question, the simplest of answers came to me. I would be a soldier of love. I would show up deliberately daily and with unapologetic purpose.