Shyt Happens So Shift Happens

"I allow adversity to strengthen my armor, sharpen my mind, soften my heart, and feed my spirit."

“I allow adversity to strengthen my armor, sharpen my mind, soften my heart, and feed my spirit.”

I will not entertain self-pity or feel sorry for you. Life has happened to you and me both. I get it. It hurt. It’s not fair. You’re mad. Now, be angry enough to allow yourself to become fortified in and by the fire. Let the heaven and hell that created you show you the power and strength of both the light and the shadow. You are divine. You are sacred. You are stronger than you think yourself to be. You have endured despite the struggle and heartache, now beloved, invest in your thriving. Let every experience give you greater insight into yourself. Let the adversity reveal the strength of your vulnerability and grace under pressure. Let the experiences reveal the not so pretty parts of being broken and mending. Failure does not feel beautiful, and brokenness is not pretty. We don’t have to romanticize the struggle for it to be impactful for us. We do however have the responsibility to transform the pain to promise and the promise to prominence. We must protect, sustain, and honor that which is sacred to include ourselves.

Try these self-care tips when you’re feeling overwhelmed by lifes struggles.

  • Perform a full body blessing
    Mix sea salt and warm water
    Pour the water over the various parts of your body giving thanks and blessing each one. Speak from your heart and allow the words to come to you. Ex: While pouring the water over your feet, give thanks for the support and groundedness and bless the path you’re walking on as you continue the journey.
  • Release the frustration
    Document them by writing and voice or video recording them on a device that only you can access.
  • Meditate
    Sit and focus on your breath. Have your inhales and exhales match lasting for a count of four. If thoughts come, let them, but do not engage them.

Lotus Medicine: You were not created to be mediocre. You are not destined to stay knocked down. You are destined for greatness because you came from greatness. So much of the human experience is mental fortitude and perspective. Now is the time to do the work in continuing to develop this aspect of ourselves. Nothing happens overnight but what time and unhealthy habits create, time and consistent discipline can remedy.

Love and Light,

Nakeasha J

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