Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

"I am a beautiful expression of the divine who is dedicated to honing and honoring its power, strength, grace, compassion, and love within myself and others." No one ever said that coming into your fullness would be easy. It wasn't meant to be comfortable as your fullness requires your entire being. It calls for us … Continue reading Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Let Go To Fly High

"I release things from my life that do not speak to the sacredness of my being and nourish me with patience, compassion, and love as I come into my fullness." Connecting with our inner divinity is one of the most tedious endeavors that we can take on. It requires that we remove the things that … Continue reading Let Go To Fly High

The Sacred Art Of Communication

"I honor the vulnerability of my heart by communicating the sacredness of its messages with truth, compassion, consideration, and love." Can you imagine the changes that would take place in the way that we interact if we all considered what was being communicated as a sacred extension of ourselves? Flowing in the reality that our … Continue reading The Sacred Art Of Communication

Be Like The Lotus My Friends

"I embrace and work with my shadow side and much as I do my light creating a stronger, brighter, and more balanced version of myself." It feels good to bask in the warmth of our own light and see how accepting others are of us when we shine. The light in us is palatable, exciting, … Continue reading Be Like The Lotus My Friends

Boundaries Matter

" I set boundaries that honor the sacredness of who I am." You are sacred. You're highly valued and indispensable, the question is, do you see it? Have you taken the time to really look at the value you are placing on yourself? We tend to put a higher value on people and things outside … Continue reading Boundaries Matter

I Rise To Shine And Grind

" I am dedicated to watering my dreams with consistency, passion, creativity, love, and faithfulness." If you are the type of person who is solely motivated by money, status, or material things, you might as well quit now. Those things although nice will not be able to sustain your motivation for the long haul. Once … Continue reading I Rise To Shine And Grind

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

"I accept that I will not always feel alright or have the answers I desire." Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to grapple with the unknown. To be comfortable with the spaces in between where you are and where you're trying to go. We like the familiar and feelings of comfort so finding ourselves … Continue reading It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Level Up No Excuses

"I am dedicated to using all of my resources to facilitate my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth." In June of 1964, Malcolm X gave a speech at the OAAU founding rally, and ten words jumped out at me which, I think are the perfect caveat to this affirmation, "we intend to bring into existence … Continue reading Level Up No Excuses

The Karma Of Forgiveness

"I forgive myself for the actions that have caused pain to myself and others. I also forgive my inability to give myself and others what was needed to heel the wounds." Newsflash, we make everything from simple mistakes to completely fucking all the way up, and it's human to do so. That doesn't make us … Continue reading The Karma Of Forgiveness

Live In Your Sacredness

"I am a sacred being dedicated to living in my fullness unapologetically." Anyone who has ever convinced you that you are less than sacred for any reason has lied to you. Perfection is not a prerequisite for your sacredness. It exists regardless to whom or what. Our onus is to accept the responsibility of walking … Continue reading Live In Your Sacredness