New Moon Energy

Peace Beloveds, Day 26: New Moon Energy Today, we have a new moon Pisces! New moons are the perfect time to set your intentions for this lunar cycle. This allows us the opportunity to tap into that vibrant lunar energy and use it to aid in manifesting ourĀ goals, dreams, and purpose. It's also a great … Continue reading New Moon Energy

Thinking Of Yourself

Peace Beloveds, Day 23: Thinking of Yourself Remaining in the present moment or mindful living can be a challenge for some. Having gentle reminders that give you a little nudge may be just what you need. This can be any item that triggers the thought in your mind to bring it all in. I have … Continue reading Thinking Of Yourself

Living With Intent

Creating an intention for your day gives you a great deal of direction. It's like a map illustrating where you're going and guiding how you will disperse your energy in the process of getting there. It's another alchemical tool that says, this is where I'm going, how I want to arrive, and what I will accomplish while I'm here.