The Year Of The Butterfly

"I surrender to the transformative power of love and allow its light to guide my path." Pain has touched our hearts and lives in so many ways, and I'm not here to make it seem as though you're supposed to sweep it under the rug, ignore it, or act like it didn't happen. It's inevitable … Continue reading The Year Of The Butterfly

Pranayama Momma

Peace Beloveds, Day 24: Pranayama Momma Breathing exercises help to strengthen your life force energy while giving you greater control of it as well. Having an active meditation and pranayama practice has truly helped me to stay rooted, reduced stress levels, and enabled me to have greater clarity and focus. I start my pranayama practice … Continue reading Pranayama Momma

I Am Powerful Beyond Measure

Clarity fueled by dedication doesn't simply fizzle out after 2 weeks. It persists. It persists past the point of setbacks, time, negativity, or lack of support. It will drive you to creation, from mind into matter.

Bottoms Up Buttercup

We empower ourselves by making a choice to do little things daily to positively impact the quality of our lives and that of those around us

Vibe Tribe Certified

Savor the moments your bonds create without attachment to the individual person. This may seem harsh on the surface but it allows others and yourself space and freedom to change and grow.