My Power Is More Prominent Than My Pain

"My power and persistence are more prominent than my pain." Sometimes we see ourselves and are reminded of all of life's unkindnesses. Perhaps some of us can't see any type of existence beyond them at all. In the middle of any painful time, it's difficult to look beyond that moment and all that it encompasses. … Continue reading My Power Is More Prominent Than My Pain

I Am Fiercely My Own

"I am my own." Niyyirah Waheed wrote, "I am mine before I am ever anyone else's." Sometimes the journey of self-acceptance can come with the need for approval or even a sense of inclusion with those who matter most to us. For a lot of people self-acceptance is based on a broader acceptance from the … Continue reading I Am Fiercely My Own

I Am That I Am

"I accept myself fully and recognize that every part of my journey has been for the benefit of my becoming." Self-acceptance is the most liberating feeling that I hope you either have or are working toward. In no way are we perfect or have to be to understand how amazing we are flaws and all. … Continue reading I Am That I Am

I Am My People’s Keeper

"I water my connections with empathy, compassion, responsibility, love, accountability, and acknowledgment." In every moment that we share with another person, it's important to recognize what we are contributing to that shared experience. Any experience that involves another person is one that is being created by both parties. So what we bring to every circumstance … Continue reading I Am My People’s Keeper

Love Calls Your Name

"I am dedicated to showing up for my life with presence and gratitude for the ways that love reveals itself in my life." Your life is a manifestation of your thoughts and the responses of those thoughts. Often times the distractions of life and our own lack of focus prevent us from recognizing and appreciating … Continue reading Love Calls Your Name

Making Homes Out Of Human Beings

"I am a sanctuary unto myself." Warsan Shire wrote, "you can't make homes out of human beings, someone should have already told you that." It's amazing how many of us will still try though. It's how we look to house our aspirations, fears, dreams, love, or even future in other people. Although we all should … Continue reading Making Homes Out Of Human Beings

I Am A Sovereign Entity

"I acknowledge and accept that I am my purpose." You are a sovereign entity who needs no permission to walk in your light. I know that many of our lives have been orchestrated in various ways by the desires of our parents, family members, significant others, and potentially friends. From early on society has told … Continue reading I Am A Sovereign Entity

Let Go To Fly High

"I release things from my life that do not speak to the sacredness of my being and nourish me with patience, compassion, and love as I come into my fullness." Connecting with our inner divinity is one of the most tedious endeavors that we can take on. It requires that we remove the things that … Continue reading Let Go To Fly High

The Sacred Art Of Communication

"I honor the vulnerability of my heart by communicating the sacredness of its messages with truth, compassion, consideration, and love." Can you imagine the changes that would take place in the way that we interact if we all considered what was being communicated as a sacred extension of ourselves? Flowing in the reality that our … Continue reading The Sacred Art Of Communication