The Responsibility Of Your Divinity

"I accept the responsibility of my sacredness." We've officially passed the halfway mark my friends. I hope that you are still going strong in your dedication to living your best life in 2019. The lotus affirmations have spoken a great deal about sacredness as it related to us as individuals and began touching on the … Continue reading The Responsibility Of Your Divinity

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

"I am a beautiful expression of the divine who is dedicated to honing and honoring its power, strength, grace, compassion, and love within myself and others." No one ever said that coming into your fullness would be easy. It wasn't meant to be comfortable as your fullness requires your entire being. It calls for us … Continue reading Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Let Go To Fly High

"I release things from my life that do not speak to the sacredness of my being and nourish me with patience, compassion, and love as I come into my fullness." Connecting with our inner divinity is one of the most tedious endeavors that we can take on. It requires that we remove the things that … Continue reading Let Go To Fly High

Let Love Lead

Just lean in and allow love to lead! I know that there are things in our lives that seem impossible to tolerate or deal with and maybe paralyze us with fear. But, if we don't have the answers, know what to do, or feel completely helpless, just lean toward the most powerful energy that exists … Continue reading Let Love Lead