The Attitude Of Gratitude

Melanated Lotus Flower

Peace Beloveds,

Day 22: The Attitude Of Gratitude

Gratitude cultivates greater abundance in our lives by enabling us to hone in and focus on what we have. This type of mindfulness practice reminds us to respect not only what we have but how to treat it. Having gratitude also teaches us the art of detachment by helping us to focus on the things that we have when we have them. Too often we focus only on we want to have which feeds the energy of poverty, deprivation, and distress. These are the types of energies that you do not want to have in abundance so, we must utilize practices that stop feeding the proverbial beast. Take 5 minutes tonight before bed to write and reflect on the things that you are/were grateful for today.

May we all be filled with gratitude and see the beauty that is present in our lives. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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