The Attitude Of Gratitude

Peace Beloveds, Day 22: The Attitude Of Gratitude Gratitude cultivates greater abundance in our lives by enabling us to hone in and focus on what we have. This type of mindfulness practice reminds us to respect not only what we have but how to treat it. Having gratitude also teaches us the art of detachment by … Continue reading The Attitude Of Gratitude

Living With Intent

Creating an intention for your day gives you a great deal of direction. It's like a map illustrating where you're going and guiding how you will disperse your energy in the process of getting there. It's another alchemical tool that says, this is where I'm going, how I want to arrive, and what I will accomplish while I'm here.

I Am: Creating Your Limitless Self

When we affirm anything we are saying to ourselves and the world, this is who I am, how I'm choosing to show up, and how I will be addressed.

Magic Happens In Open Spaces

The movement towards your goals and purpose are great but as with everything, it has to be balanced. There will always be a time for action and a time for inaction. Taking a moment and creating space allows the things that you are seeking to understand to become settled and integrated.

Bottoms Up Buttercup

We empower ourselves by making a choice to do little things daily to positively impact the quality of our lives and that of those around us

Vibe Tribe Certified

Savor the moments your bonds create without attachment to the individual person. This may seem harsh on the surface but it allows others and yourself space and freedom to change and grow.

Daring To Create A Greater Life

One of the most beautiful things in the world is having the privilege of watching someone who's daring to create a greater life by living out their dreams. To see individuals full of determination, hope, and passion that are able to meet the inevitable challenges, pitfalls, and disappointments of life without wavering or conceding is inspiring.