“At various points in our lives, or on a quest, and for reasons that often remain obscure, we are driven to make decisions which prove with hindsight to be loaded with meaning”. – Swami Satchidananda

Welcome to Melanated Lotus Yoga with Nakeasha J! Thanks for dropping by to learn more about what I do, read my musings, or to catch me in these streets to let your booty do that yoga.

The Journey

For me, yoga was a very unexpected yet beautiful surprise. It became the vehicle that would enable me to honestly come home to myself and learn what that means, looks, and feels like, as well as the language to articulate it. Yoga has been the catalyst behind my most transformative experiences. My passion for yoga grew so intense that I completed my 200-hour YTT in 2016 with Yoga Nook and my 300-hour YTT in 2018 with Yax Yoga Concepts. From the moment I led my first class, I knew that I was passionate about teaching and sharing the practice.

Teaching Philosophy

I use a heart-centered approach to promote a compassionate path to restoring connectedness to oneself. My goal is to make sure that I create spaces that are welcoming, encouraging, and inclusive while embracing and honoring each individual’s quest for personal growth and wellbeing.

Where To Find Me

How To Reach Me

  • Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions: privateclasses@melanatedlotusyoga.com
  • Group Yoga & Meditation Sessions: Events@melanatedlotusyoga.com
  • Life Coaching Services: LotusMedicine@melanatedlotusyoga.com
  • Sister Circle Lotus Medicine Workshops: SisterLotusMedicine@melanatedlotusyoga.com
  • Yoga For Corporate Events or Wellness Programs: CorporateWellness@melanatedlotusyoga.com
  • General Questions: NakeashaJ@melanatedlotusyoga.com

To Give Me A Call: 757-447-4891

Love and Light,

Nakeasha J

I feel amazing every time I attend her class!! I love how liberated and relaxed I feel when I’m on my mat!! It’s something about her beautiful smile and calming voice that draws me in. She’s a blessing!!

Suhn Beem

Nakesha is a warm and open-hearted yogi. She is passionate about life and loves to share her knowledge with others. Her strength is in her ability to empower others and serve her community. She is a seeker and an avid learner. Her caring nature allows her to create a safe space for self-exploration. I’m confident that she will inspire many.

Alejandra Botero