I Am Peace

I Am Peace

“I Am Peace.”

Read this affirmation style post in the mirror to yourself, make it a voice memo, or write it down and refer back to it throughout the day or night.

I have a calm steadiness and ease within my being and spirit. I am comfortably rooted and agile, bending with the breeze of the wind. I have let go and become weightless. I feel the burden of the things in my life begin to fall away from me. I am renewed in my own strength. My mind is clear and focused on the path ahead of me with every step bringing me closer to my dreams. I cannot be moved or swayed in any direction that is not for my greater good. I am in my own best interest. I walk with certainty into each day and situation giving thanks for those who keep me in mind, heart, and spirit. I walk with grace and love because I am filled with gratitude for the abundance in my life. Allowing each step to bring more peace than the next. So shall it be!

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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