I Am Strong


“I Am Strong.”

Read this affirmation style post in the mirror to yourself, make it a voice memo, or write it down and refer back to it throughout the day or night.

I am the cornerstone that is not easily moved. My shoulders hold the weight of my legacy. I’m fortified by my past, rooted in my present, and inspired by my future. I am unbreakable. Rising from the shadows and basking in the light, I prevail. I wasn’t created to be mediocre but instead phenomenal. I push through the challenges without fear of temporary defeat. I know I am built to withstand my trials and tribulations. I didn’t come this far to stop now. Success is mine and on my terms. I am the captain of my fate and the master of my soul. Moving mountains with sheer grit and determination, I am the epitome of strength. Allowing the journey to keep me humble and my heart ever expanding to love. I breathe. Animating the world around me with hope, I see myself. A reflection of the divine. I am whole.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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