I Am My People’s Keeper

I water my connections with empathy, compassion, responsibility, love, accountability, and acknowledgment.

“I water my connections with empathy, compassion, responsibility, love, accountability, and acknowledgment.”

In every moment that we share with another person, it’s important to recognize what we are contributing to that shared experience. Any experience that involves another person is one that is being created by both parties. So what we bring to every circumstance is impactful in both big and small ways. In understanding that, we should have the commitment to show up most responsibly and integrally. Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone else will do the same as they won’t, and we have to have firm boundaries in place to handle or prevent such situations. Conscious relationships despite the type can prove to be the most fulfilling because of the care and mindfulness that is put into them. What we water or put into these relationships is what we can reasonably expect to get out of them if all parties are in alignment. Think about consciously dealing with others with insight demonstrating how attentive you are to others and their circumstances while handling them with kindness. Showing the commitment to the sacredness of that bond out of love and support while holding the other person responsible for their lives and growth by their own standards.

Tips for your vibe tribe

  • Have those in your circle who value mindfully growing and developing their relationships.
  • Surround yourself with people who are not yes men and women.
  • Be open to the process and invite others to handle you in the same manner.
  • Evaluate each of your relationships and think of three ways that you want to show up for them and ask your friends to do the same.

Lotus Medicine: Every aspect of our lives can be crafted in a manner that serves our highest good. The question is, are we willing to dig so deeply into the process of doing such. I know that it takes an incredible amount of focus and patience to do such but, I also think it’s worth it. I come up with three words every day that describe how I’m dedicated to showing up for my day, and it helps me cultivate those things in each aspect of that day. Perhaps, my friends, we should try doing this with each of our relationships.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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