I Am That I Am

I accept myself fully and recognize that every part of my journey has been for the benefit of my becoming.

“I accept myself fully and recognize that every part of my journey has been for the benefit of my becoming.”

Self-acceptance is the most liberating feeling that I hope you either have or are working toward. In no way are we perfect or have to be to understand how amazing we are flaws and all. What if we threw off familial and societal ideas about how we should act, look, speak, think, dress or anything else? I get it, most of us emulated other people as children or young adults which, can be helpful to come to a place of discovering what feels right to and for us. Heck, even adults are inspired by a myriad of things and people, and that’s okay as well. The truth is that it all lends itself to our becoming who it is that we determine we are meant to be. Every encounter and experience lends itself to that reality. Now, I know that presenting the painful experiences in life like it’s something we should love because it grew us, is bull. Somethings were and are beyond our control, but how we rise from them is in our control. In truth, it’s still much deeper than that, but again, the world can’t be saved in a day or from one post. This is meant to be the spark. The inspiration to say everything that has happened to us, despite us, and through us has been to build us, fortify us, or potentially be the triumph in the tragedy that becomes our testimony. Regardless of it all though, we are so incredibly worthy of our love, compassion, and acceptance.

Lotus Medicine: The journey will never be perfect. It will never be linear. On the path, so many things will arise and catch us off guard. Maybe we fold, cry, or accept confusion and defeat. Perhaps, we fight or better yet, fight through the tears, confusion, seemed failure or folding. I say the bigger picture is fighting for what’s right, and that which preserves and serves our highest good. Through it all though, how about we take some time to sit and get to know ourselves or who are challenges are shaping us to be. We may just be surprised with how special we actually are and begin to love the hell outta ourselves. I surely hope we do.

Love and Light,
Nakeash J

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