I Love My Love

I love my love

“I love my love.”

I am flawed, my love is perfect and all yet it all is still dope. Love is never the issue, the issue is us. It will be how we stand in the way or even sabotage our love either on purpose, through lack of knowledge, or by detrimental emotional conditioning. It’s easy to say, just remove what stands in the way of love but, how does that take shape when you don’t know what is actually standing in the way. How do we give something we may not have felt we had? How do we label what we can’t identify? This is where our relationship with our love gets tricky. Despite it all though, every part of us needs to grow including the development of our love both towards ourselves and others. Just like every other aspect of our lives, our love can be mindfully built up into something healthy and vibrant.

Tips to get you started

  1. Think about and write down what love is and means to you.
  2. Write down how you want to show up for love.
  3. Write down how you want love to show up for you.

Side Note: Regardless of the type of relationship, love will be what it is. Be dedicated to showing up for love in the ways that you listed, despite the kind of relationship. Review it regularly to ensure words and actions are in alignment. Speak openly to the people in your life about the ways that you want love to show up for you. The dialogue is essential and helps others to understand your needs and if they are truly capable of meeting such. It also opens the floor to honest conversations about realistic versus unrealistic love expectations.

Lotus Medicine: Wondering can indeed bring you to beautiful places of discovery as well as plotting your course. Love is a wondrously beautiful thing to both give and experience. Living in its richness leaves us all forever changed. Being intentional with love only can enrich the experience of love even more.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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