I Am Joy


“I Am Joy.”

Read this affirmation style post in the mirror to yourself, make it a voice memo, or write it down and refer back to it throughout the day or night.

I am radiating happiness as it sprouts up from the depths of my being. I am inspired. Allowing love to flow through me and shine on others with the divine in me bowing to the divine in you. Like rays of sunshine, I’m infectious. I am what you need to nourish your soul. Happiness is bountiful in my heart like a field of sunflowers in the summer sun. I am overflowing. I am as expansive as I have ever been. Today I rejoice in myself for everyone to witness and revel in the bliss of my laughter. I am complete and in need of no one’s approval. My joy is not solely based on what I receive from others, but instead, it’s based on the love I have inside for myself. I am euphoria personified.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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