I Am Vibrant

"I Am Vibrant." Read this affirmation style post in the mirror to yourself, make it a voice memo, or write it down and refer back to it throughout the day or night. I walk in the magic of who I am glowing from the inside out. My energy is infectious to all who cross my … Continue reading I Am Vibrant

My Tribe Vibes Hard

"I set boundaries that allow individuals in my life who value my light, appreciate my complexities, nurture my fullness, love my love, and call me on my shyt." Sometimes our boundaries are not about what we keep out but instead what we allow inside our inner circle. It's just as essential to ensure that we … Continue reading My Tribe Vibes Hard

Vibe Tribe Certified

Savor the moments your bonds create without attachment to the individual person. This may seem harsh on the surface but it allows others and yourself space and freedom to change and grow.