My Power Is More Prominent Than My Pain

My power and persistence are more prominent than my pain.

“My power and persistence are more prominent than my pain.”

Sometimes we see ourselves and are reminded of all of life’s unkindnesses. Perhaps some of us can’t see any type of existence beyond them at all. In the middle of any painful time, it’s difficult to look beyond that moment and all that it encompasses. No, our trials and tribulations are not easy, and every situation is not within the sphere of our control. I’m not here to analyze or minimize anyone’s pain from a seat behind a computer hell, I won’t even lessen my own. The thing is that there has to be a determination to rise from up under the trauma and that is far from easy. The psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual effects that suffering creates is real, and at some point, a shift has to take place within us. A change that allows us to recognize that there is a light on the other side of where we are and in some instances that there is another side altogether. The shift that helps us see that we are not stuck in the midst of anything and there are always choices despite the illusion at times that none exist. Digging deep into the essence of who we are when broken to nurse what needs to be cared for. Stripping our emotions to the core to understand what’s really what. Clearing our minds not to ruminate on the negative but instead to create mental space to hear. For many of us, we never thought we could’ve gotten through some of the things that we did but, we did. We are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Our power doesn’t have to knock down doors, it just has to keep knocking on the door. Taking our pain and transforming it into something beautiful and beneficial to the world is the greatest testimony. It’s what reminds us all that we can endure, rise, and in time thrive.

Lotus Medicine: Will Smith said that we have the responsibility to take our pain, overcome it and in turn make a better life for ourselves. It sucks, but it is so very accurate. We cannot change what has happened at the hands of others, but we have an obligation to ourselves to transform that pain into something that fuels a healthier and more productive life despite it.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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