I Am Fiercely My Own

I am my own.

“I am my own.”

Niyyirah Waheed wrote, “I am mine before I am ever anyone else’s.” Sometimes the journey of self-acceptance can come with the need for approval or even a sense of inclusion with those who matter most to us. For a lot of people self-acceptance is based on a broader acceptance from the more prominent tribe. In cases like that, who you are still can become stifled. There is a rootedness in taking ownership, pride, and value in who you are and the acceptance of it. With that, no one and nothing can easily sway the core of who you are. That is the jewel, my friends. To often we bring others on the journey and in the fold of what was made for us individually. We have to become better at fortifying ourselves for the sake of ourselves and then allowing others to experience us as the truest version of that self. It’s not easy because we are an interconnected and communal culture, but it’s most certainly doable.

Tips for the journey

  • Take a break from everyone for 2 weeks to a month (Check in to let others know you are okay) and take a moment to reaccess yourself, station in life, and current relationships.
  • Reflect on your feelings about your authenticity with yourself and others.
  • List 5 of your most important relationships and note the ways that you can and cannot be authentically yourself.
  • For one month take note of what you’re doing when you feel the most authentic.

Lotus Medicine: Dr. Suess said it best, “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” When you understand who you are for yourself, you can better understand what aspects of yourself can and can’t be or should and shouldn’t be shared with others. When we know we are sacred we place value on that sacredness, we guard it along with the access to it because we understand the jewel that we are.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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