I Am Luminous


“I Am Luminous.”

Read this affirmation style post in the mirror to yourself, make it a voice memo, or write it down and refer back to it throughout the day or night.

I am boldly standing in my radiance. Seeing the value of my presence inspires me to be even better tomorrow than I am today. I elevate the mind, heart, and spirit of those around me. I am inspired. Letting love be the guiding light on my path, I walk steadily. Never wavering against fear, temporary setbacks, injustice, hate, or any other form of negativity. I am strong, vibrant, and filled with peace and joy. I am a conqueror, claiming my victories as I write my history in advance. I am the alchemist. I am more than any name that you could give me and bigger than your mind can conceive. I am that I am. Filled with destiny and purpose, I walk fearlessly basking in the light of the sun.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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