The Responsibility Of Your Divinity

I accept the responsibility of my sacredness.

“I accept the responsibility of my sacredness.”

We’ve officially passed the halfway mark my friends. I hope that you are still going strong in your dedication to living your best life in 2019. The lotus affirmations have spoken a great deal about sacredness as it related to us as individuals and began touching on the overall collective a bit later in the posts. Owning your divinity will reveal to you the inherent sanctity in others. It helps to open our eyes about the degree of reverence that we hold for other people, animals, plants, and anything in between. It shows us how we treat what we view as less than us, be it right or wrong. Great respect and love is not something to be reserved for what or who we think are deserving, but for all sentient beings. That means, accepting your light calls for you to do the same overall. This is the yoga off the mat that you hear instructors speaking about. This is the divine in me honoring the divine in you, it’s the yamas and niyamas in action.

Something to think about

  • All life is deserving of respect and value.

Quick Story:
During a walking meditation in the park one day. I had selected the path that I wanted to walk and set the intention to be mindful with each step. I walked the path for 45 minutes looking at my feet and tuning into the breath. I noticed the blades of grass were pushed down but after a second simply stayed there carving out my path. Five minutes after my walking meditation, I saw the blades of grass rose back up as if I had never stepped anywhere. So I sat to ponder the lesson that the grass was teaching me at that moment.

Lotus Medicine: All relationships within an ecosystem involve some degree of giving and taking. The lesson I received from the grass was mutual respect enables one or both parties to be supported at any moment no matter if one or both parties are benefiting at that moment. There is an acceptance that in cocreated moments, I will have to yield and at times it will be others for the benefit of the greater good. What is always important to remember is the divine that is us manifests itself through us, and if our actions, thoughts, and words don’t showcase the highest version of ourselves, then perhaps we need to think about what our efforts at any moment are reflecting.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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