I Am A Sovereign Entity

I acknowledge and accept that I am my purpose.

“I acknowledge and accept that I am my purpose.”

You are a sovereign entity who needs no permission to walk in your light. I know that many of our lives have been orchestrated in various ways by the desires of our parents, family members, significant others, and potentially friends. From early on society has told us what we should aspire to, and familial structures more often than not have tended to reinforce those ideals. We teach our children to follow their instincts and nurture their dreams. As we age, however the dialogue shifts to being more practical and stable. It will always come back to us, yet, begging the question, are we grounded enough in who we are, to be comfortable in exploring what our passions and purpose are and expanding within that space.

Discovering your purpose:

  • Look at where what you love, what you’re good at, what you can get paid for, and what the world needs overlap. This will give you a general framework for exploring what your purpose can be.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. The discovery process will present challenges, trust that everything moves for your benefit.
  • Be open to change. You may have been set on one idea of what your purpose should be, but over time and with growth and opportunities or lack thereof, that could shift entirely. Don’ t resist it, be like water my friend.

Lotus Medicine: Navigating this thing called life is hard, I know. Finding yourself, your footing, discovering your purpose, and moving in the direction of such, is equally as arduous. The path to your purpose is the most beautiful part of the journey. It’s a part of gives our lives such richness and vibrancy. It’s the exhilarating art of our discovery.

Love and Light,

Nakeasha J

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