Red Jasper Yoni Egg

Red Jasper Yoni Egg

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Main Chakra: Base

Red Jasper is affectionately known as the supreme nurturer. This is because it provides support while your going through stress and brings calmness, tranquility, and wholeness into your life during those times. Jasper is a phenomenal stone for grounding rectifying unjust situations which, makes It a great worry stone. It brings issues to the surface before they become too large to handle and provides insight to even the most difficult of situations. Red Jasper helps to align and cleanse chakras bringing balance to yin and yang energies, aligning the mental, physical, and emotional bodies with the etheric realm creating unification within all of the aspects of your life. It’s great at reminding us of our humanity and the importance of helping others. Jasper also assists you in connecting to your divine feminine sexual energy and prolongs sexual pleasures as well.