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Touch the heart of wonder, The path of intimacy with all life- Weaving together body and soul, Sex and sprit, individuality and universality. -The Radiance Sutras

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that refers to the sacred and powerful place that we call the Vagina. Connecting with our womb is one of the most beneficial things that we can do for ourselves. Life and creation come from our womb in the form of ideas, goals, and desires to name a few. It starts as a seed and then becomes rooted within us once we internalize that seed or thought. The more connected you are with your womb, the more you’re connected to the essence of creative energy itself. I am thankful, and I honor you for allowing Melanated Lotus Yoga to assist you on your journey. Welcome to the tribe!

Choosing The Right Yoni Egg:

  • Select a crystal that speaks to you visually or by touch to see if you feel connected with it. Trust your intuition!
  • Select a healing crystal based off of its energetic properties. There are plenty of books and websites that offer rather concise information on the properties of crystals. It will take a bit of patience and due diligence on your part as the consumer to do the research.
  • Select a crystal based on the properties that will give you a higher degree of balance within your mind, body, spirit, or chakras.

Care For Your Yoni Egg:

To clean your Yoni Egg physically

  • Wash it with a gentle soap such as unscented castile soap.
  • Place the egg in hot water and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, rub and then remove and dry off.

To clean your Yoni Egg energetically

  • Smudge using a sage stick.
  • Bury your Yoni Egg in the Earth (fertile soil) overnight.
  • Place your Yoni Egg in either sunlight or moonlight for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Place your Yoni Egg in a saltwater bath. This can be done with water from the ocean or purified water and sea salt. (Note: This is not good for every type of crystal or stone so please make sure that this will work for the particular Yoni Egg.)

Working With Your Yoni Egg:

  • Sit with the Yoni Egg in your hand for 5 to 10 minutes to connect with your egg. During that time really focus on feeling its energy and set the intention that you want from that particular session with your Yoni Egg.
  • When you are ready to insert your Yoni Egg, run warm water over the crystal first to warm it up, and then insert your egg into your vagina with the largest part going in first.
  • You can leave your Yoni Egg in your vagina for any amount of time that you are comfortable with. It can be left in overnight, kept in throughout the entire day, or left in

    I am everywhere, infusing everything. To find me, Become absorbed in intense experience. Go all the way. Be drenched in the energies of life. Enter the world beyond separation. The light of a candle reveals a room. The rays of the sun reveal the world. So does the divine feminine illumine the way to me. -The Radiance Sutras

    until it releases itself which can be days or a couple of weeks. It is at your discretion. (Personally, I trust my Yoni Egg to free itself when the energetic work is complete. This has never caused a problem for me.)

  • To release your Yoni Egg merely use pelvic pressure and your fingers to remove it.
  • The opening of the cervix is to small for your Yoni Egg to get stuck or lost within your beautiful yoniverse!! So there really is no need to worry. {I DO NOT recommend using Yoni Eggs while pregnant. This is my personal perspective.}
  • All of the Yoni Eggs offered have been researched and are safe for internal use {to the best of my knowledge}.  As the consumer, I urge you to do your own research to make sure your overall health and wellbeing come first.
  • The use of the Yoni Eggs internally is done so at your own risk and using your own discretion.

Multiple Uses For Your Yoni Egg:

Create Elixirs- Place your Egg in purified water, let it sit for 20 minutes, remove the egg, and drink the water. This allows you to also internalize the energetic properties of the crystal.

Elevate Your Meditation- Hold your egg during your meditation to heighten your experience.

Create Anointing or Massage Oil- Place your egg in Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil for 1 day to energize your oil. Then place the oil in a dark brown or black bottle preferably and use it for personal anointing’s or massages.

Use In Sacred Bath- Place your Yoni Egg in your bath, cut off the lights, light incense, and candles, and play the music of your choice.

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