Full Moon Emotional Release Worksheet


The moon is inside of every human being. Learn to be companions with it. -Rumi


Each full moon brings us the opportunity to release emotional energy that no longer serves our highest self. Releasing emotional dead weight is an essential component of maintaining our emotional wellbeing. Emotional clearing and intentional emotional invocation will allow us to tap into the emotional rebirth and renewal process that can help in facilitating our ideal emotional health. The full moon emotional release worksheet is a great tool to assist with the journey. The sheet starts with five emotions that you would like to release and replace with feelings that are more in alignment with what you want to feel. The number of release statements is fluid; you can increase or decrease them as you deem necessary. The idea is to release the things that support or encourage the negatively perceived emotions and nurture actions that help support the things that you’re looking to feel. Revisit the worksheet as often as needed to reconnect with your emotional intentions.


Full Moon Emotional Release Worksheet

Love and Light,

Nakeasha J