The Sacred Art Of Communication

“I honor the vulnerability of my heart by communicating the sacredness of its messages with truth, compassion, consideration, and love.”

Can you imagine the changes that would take place in the way that we interact if we all considered what was being communicated as a sacred extension of ourselves? Flowing in the reality that our divinity is demonstrated in everything that we think, do, or say. Perhaps, today we really reflect on how the divine is manifesting itself in our self-expression. The mind and heart connection are essential as it enables us to decipher and intelligently articulate and demonstrate the messages of our heart. This is a crucial area of our lives that we must consciously develop along with meaningful justifiable boundaries. Being vulnerable is not the enemy, it is not the thing that opens our world up to experiencing more pain by happenstance. It is, however, what makes us braver and stronger. The dynamism of using our voice or actions to convey with honesty, power, thoughtfulness, caring, and love any offering of the heart is something we all should strive for.

Check out these sacred communication tips

  • Set realistic, workable boundaries around how you want to communicate and be communicated with mindfully.
  • Know your tribe. If it contains individuals that you cannot be vulnerable with, reevaluate who you are sharing your life and space with.
  • Speak with your inner circle of people and ask them to be your accountability partners for speaking your truth boldly or for using temperance and couth.
  • Get comfortable with speaking up more and have patience with yourself. Creating or refining new behaviors never feels comfortable in the beginning.

Lotus Medicine: You have a voice for a reason, but you also have the responsibility of how to use that voice to communicate or actions to demonstrate your heart. That responsibility cannot be negated despite the circumstances. Beloveds, this is where we grow the overall messaging around our lives. This is the place that we learn to lead by our words and actions. This, my friend, is the place where we solidify how our voice shows up for ourselves and others.

Love and Light,
Nakeasha J

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