I Rise To Shine And Grind

” I am dedicated to watering my dreams with consistency, passion, creativity, love, and faithfulness.”

If you are the type of person who is solely motivated by money, status, or material things, you might as well quit now. Those things although nice will not be able to sustain your motivation for the long haul. Once the financial items or status you desire have been acquired, what is left? What will drive you to push to the level beyond the surface one? Chasing the money is limiting but pursuing the dream, passion, or purpose is what allows us to dig deeper to find more than we thought we could give. Connecting to something deeper, something that has more sustenance gives you a space that you can root deeply and rise from. This is what dedication looks like. It can seem unsure, look unsupported, be misunderstood, be hated or loved, unrecognized, and be anything in the world to others. It will only matter however what it means to you, and that is what we rise from after every misstep and celebrate after every victory.

Gentle reminders for the journey

  • There is only one you. Even if your offering or service is in saturated spaces, have confidence in your abilities.
  • I promise you that perfection is not required or wanted, but realness and honesty is.
  • What comes from the heart, reaches the heart.
  • Trust your dopeness.

Lotus Medicine: Let your passion fuel your creativity. Let the love of your purpose drive your consistency and remain faithful in the pursuit of it all.

Love and Light,

Nakeasha J

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