It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

I accept that I will not always feel alright or have the answers I desire.

“I accept that I will not always feel alright or have the answers I desire.”

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to grapple with the unknown. To be comfortable with the spaces in between where you are and where you’re trying to go. We like the familiar and feelings of comfort so finding ourselves in this position could prove to be very hard for a lot of us. I often say to people in the silence of four walls I discovered me. I had taken the time to step away from everything to focus on myself and my immediate family. There was no calling my friends when life was kicking my backside; I only had myself. That was a scary feeling but leaning into the experience taught me a great deal. I found that I wasn’t distracted from my emotions and influenced mentally or emotionally by others. The experience gave me the opportunity to feel every bit of each moment. To realize that I could lean on myself as much as I had come to lean on others. To understand that I’m not going to be jovial and bubbly all the time but, I will be doing the inner work needed with each situation. I just had to learn to accept that I’m not obligated to make it look the way others would like it to and that was okay. Life can be messy as hell, and we will never have all the answers. What we will always have is the solace of our mind, heart, and spirit.

Try these tips for a month and see what changes you notice

  • Don’t seek advice from friends or family members. Work through your situations by sitting with your thoughts, researching information, and speaking with professionals in the field of your problem.
  • Meditate, Meditate, Meditate. I cannot stress this enough.
  • Visually map out problems, solutions, and potential outcomes.
  • Understanding comes in time and on time. So instead of becoming frustrated with the unknown, practice acceptance and seek peace in it.
  • Repeat the mantra; I accept and welcome the space of the unknown until the path manifests itself.

Lotus Medicine: Honoring your feelings in each moment is okay. Releasing what no longer serves you in each moment is okay. Not knowing whether you are coming or going it seems for a moment is okay. Feeling disconnected from your inner voice at any moment is okay. Accepting the fact that mistakes will happen at any moment is okay. You beloved, through it all, will be okay.

Love and Light,

Nakeasha J

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