Be Fearless With Love

"The fearlessness of my love shows up in every facet of my life."

“The fearlessness of my love shows up in every facet of my life.”

Fear and anxiety often prevent us from living our lives boldly in various capacities. I get it; the brain is wired to search for real or perceived threats and assess the risks as a part of the fight or flight response. Such responses are essential for survival. However, it’s problematic when the perceived threat is not real. I get it, touching a hot stove will teach you very quickly never to do that again. On the flip side, one negative experience with a person, place, or thing doesn’t mean that you should throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak.

Life is hard, I know, but we have a choice at every moment to go with the option that lends itself to our fullness in serving our highest good. Be brave despite the doubts in yourself and your capabilities. There was a point when every successful person that you look up to showed fearlessness in the face of what they loved. Each moment presents an opportunity for you to allow your love to be the driving force in your life.

Give these little nuggets a try to help along the way.

  • Do small things that you’re comfortable with until your confidence grows a bit to tackle your bigger goals.
  • Do little things that you’re uncomfortable with because they will challenge and change you over time.
  • Surround yourself with awesome people who support you.
  • Take the negative comments that are affecting you, write them down, and burn them while saying ” I release these words from my mind, heart, and spirit.”
  • Write yourself a note of encouragement once a week and read it every day.

Lotus Medicine: Love gives us the power to face any and everything with the ferociousness of a lion. It commands the grit and determination of your inner warrior to show up and be present. Tap into the power of love and allow it to build and strengthen you in each moment.

Love and Light,

Nakeasha J

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