Living With Intent

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 21: Living With Intent

Mindful living is by far not for a lazy person. It requires attention and commitment among other things. Mindfulness practices are very deliberate and purposeful. Today’s practice is no different. Creating an intention for your day gives you a great deal of direction. It’s like a map illustrating where you’re going and guiding how you will disperse your energy in the process of getting there. It’s another alchemical tool that says, this is where I’m going, how I want to arrive, and what I will accomplish while I’m here. Your intentions can range from a task-based perspective to a spiritually based perspective. It is as always, about what your needs and/or visions are for that day. The activity presented today really helps you to hone in on your day-to-day flow. If you remember, Day 19 said “I Am” but today says “I Will Do or I Will Accomplish.” Simply grab a piece of paper and write your intention for today. You can have one intention or more, it’s totally up to you. Take it with you and refer to it throughout the day if needed to root yourself in what you’re looking to accomplish.

May we all show up, show out, and get the job done. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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