Unleash Your Inner Tree Hugger

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 20: Unleash Your Inner Tree Hugger

Connecting with nature, its cycles and its rhythms aid us in facilitating a better connection with ourselves. It helps us to better our understanding of cyclical processes and how they promote balance, even when it doesn’t necessarily look that way on the surface. Being in nature allows us to connect with the energy of the planet and cultivate reverence for it. From the macro to the micro, our planet is truly amazing and wonderous. Allowing yourself to be in nature can offer a sense of perspective as well. Nature is not concerned with itself, it knows collective energy. Nature does not know right or wrong, it knows balance. Nature persists despite human developments, it knows power. Nature doesn’t choose who it provides sustenance for, it knows the importance of ecosystems.

Take an hour or more today and sit in nature from an observant, contemplative, and silent place.  Be open to any messages and sensations that you feel during this time. You can take your journal and write any reflections that come to mind. Enjoy the sunlight on your face!

May we all connect with the spirit of Mother Earth and glean from her purity, power, grace, balance, and beauty. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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