I Am: Creating Your Limitless Self

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 19: I Am

When it comes to creating our reality we have to be real about what we are telling ourselves and the world. Throughout this challenge, I’ve touched on the importance of having clarity and expressing your truths with clarity. Knowing yourself is just as important as knowing your why. When we affirm anything we are saying to ourselves and the world, this is who I am, how I’m choosing to show up, and how I will be addressed. This is a great tool in your alchemical tool bag that can be used in a myriad of ways. Take the time today to think about what your ready to affirm to yourself and the world.

To get started:

  • Take 10 diaphragmatic breaths and clear your mind.
  • Grab your journal or paper.
  • Write “I AM” 16 times down the left side of the paper.
  • Write down 2 affirming statements per day (today and all of next week).
  • Keep repeating them to yourself throughout the day.

Here are some that I have used:

  • I AM full of peace and will not allow any disturbances to affect me.
  • I AM a Queen
  • I AM in tune with my higher self
  • I AM in alignment with the energy of love in my heart, my surroundings, and in the universe
  • I AM going to be a writer who inspires others to take action in moving toward the highest version of themselves.
  • I AM a source of happiness
  • I AM in tune with nature and can hear and understand its messages.

Your “I AM” statement can take any shape that you feel it needs to. This is about what you clearly want to communicate about yourself to the world. It’s about solidifying the vision for yourself.

May we affirm who we are and our purpose boldly and unapologetically. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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