I’m A Soldier Of Love

Melanated Lotus Yoga

Peace Beloveds,

Day 14: Soldier of Love

We all have to determine the way we want to show up in this world and in that process, we come to understand what matters most to us. Those are things we stand up for, fight for, wage wars or campaigns against. A soldier will face plenty of obstacles and resistance during their time of service be it for or in opposition to anything. Much like soldiers in any branch of the armed forces, we arrive daily with resolve, looking to be impactful. So what are we soldiers for? What causes are we fighting for? What is fueling us to keep going despite the challenges?

I made a choice along the way in my journey that I would be a soldier of love. I asked myself what that would look like and how it would take shape. Love doesn’t make way for lies, injustice, hatred, murder etcetera. I asked myself, how do I face a country where bigotry of any kind is so rampant? As I looked for what I thought was a complex answer to a complex question, the simplest of answers came to me, be a soldier of love. I would show up  deliberately daily and with unapologetic purpose. I would not allow anything that was not of me to deter me. Now, all of that is easy to say but to do so and maintain your being holistically takes work. Cultivating the energy of love I find, gives us all the strength to face the path before us and anything that shows up along the way.

To help cultivate the power that love gives us try the activity below:

  • Take 10 to 20 minutes in meditation recalling all the loving and happy memories that have impacted you greatly.
  • Allow yourself to feel the emotions from the vibrant images that you recall.
  • Take another 10 minutes to solely focus on the feelings that have arisen.
  • Allow yourself to steep in these emotions and come back to this place when you need to draw strength, love, compassion, and truth.

May we all call upon love to carry us through. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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