The Boss Up


Peace Beloveds,

Day 8: The Boss Up aka The Glow Up

Today and every day hereafter is the day my loves. It is the time to confidently step into your purpose. The challenges or obstacles that you may be facing are nothing in comparison to your will once you tap into your higher self. Be firmly rooted in the vision of your success and willing to do the work needed to bring that vision to life. You have EVERYTHING you need, step into your purpose. Don’t wait for the perfect moment in life, make this moment perfect for the vision of your life. This is the glow up beloveds! It’s the moment you let your light shine unapologetically and fearlessly. It’s the moment you “say it wit yo chest”, you gone get this sunshine today (In my Kevin Hart voice). Remain encouraged, your hard work, long nights, tears, sweat and whatever else are the price of admission. Your dedication is the testament of your worthiness for what you seek. This is the glow up, so let every bit of you shine baby! You are the alchemist and this life is your creation. Tweet This! Make it beautiful, inspiring, and full of love.

May we all connect with our higher selves and use our alchemy to create love, peace, happiness, compassion, freedom, justice, and equality in our homes, communities, cities, states, countries, and globally. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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