Holding A Space For Yourself


Peace Beloveds,

Day 7: Hold A Space For Yourself

Sometimes, the easiest thing in the world to give to others is the most difficult thing to give to ourselves. Compassion appears to be the easiest to give when expectations are not present. The question becomes, do we lack compassion at times or are our expectations getting in the way of us giving compassion to others or ourselves? More often than not, the expectations we have for ourselves impede our ability to give ourselves the compassion, understanding, and love that we need.

Write down the events, decisions, or situations that you feel have been big mistakes in your life. Once you’re done head over to the mirror, read a¬†mistake you’ve written out loud, take a deep cleansing breath, look into the mirror at yourself and say:

I know that you did the best you could with what you knew. It’s alright. We will learn from this and be stronger for it. I support you. I love you. Now, give yourself a hug.

Today, for every mistake, misstep, and bad judgment show yourself the compassion and love that you need. Hold the space for yourself and as you grow in that space you may just realize how much your capacity for self-love has grown as well.

May we continue to grow and expand our capacity to love ourselves without judgment or expectation. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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