Shake That Body Baby


Peace Beloveds,

Day 6: Shake That Body Baby

Dancing is the bomb! Not only is it fun to do, it’s scientifically proven to increase brain function. So, shakin ya groove thang is a fun healthy activity that the whole family can get in on. For this activity, I want you to let go of any inhibitions that you may have. No one cares about how good of a dancer you are or how you physically look as your body grooves. This is about you celebrating yourself through movement that is intuitively inspired by your spirit. Tweet This!

Now, put on your favorite playlist and shake that body for at least 20 minutes. Release the need to mentally control the movement and allow your body to communicate with you the movement it needs.

We need emotional content.. don’t think, feel.- Bruce Lee

May we all connect with our inner rhythm and move to the beat of our own drum. So shall it be!  Tweet This!

Love & Light

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