Do Ya Om Thang


Peace Beloveds,

Day 4: Do Ya Om Thang

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding ways to root yourself is essential. Meditation provides a myriad of benefits from increased brain function, reduced blood pressure, and improved immunity to decreased anxiety, reduced depression and more. Needless to say, doing ya om thang is a revolutionary act of self-care that cultivates better overall wellbeing. Tweet This!

Begin by taking the time to set up your space in a way that’s relaxing to you. Come to a comfortable tall seated position with your eyes closed. Inhale, fully expanding your diaphragm then exhale, fully contracting your diaphragm. Be mindful of maintaining a steady flow of breath throughout this meditation of 15 minutes. If your mind wonders, it’s okay simply bring your attention back to the breath. Once 15 minutes have passed, journal any thoughts that stood out to you.

May we know what it’s like to come home to ourselves with the proverbial key that opens every door. So shall it be! Tweet This! 

Love & Light

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