I Am Here



Peace Beloveds,

Day 3: I Am Here

We live in a society that praises multitasking as if it’s the holy grail. A society that says, do all that you can and then do more. Excess regardless of the context is not balanced. Often times, it takes pulling away from everything or focusing in on something to gain a greater degree of insight. The beauty of mindfulness is the space that space creates. Tweet This!

As you go through your day make it a point to focus on one thing at a time. Allowing yourself the ability to explore the sensations and thoughts of each singular act. As you wind down for the day, spend 30 minutes (grab a journal if ya like) alone with no music or distractions and give yourself your undivided attention. Write, think, breathe, it doesn’t matter (just don’t take a nap) as long as you show up for yourself.

May we continue to be present embracing the sacredness of each moment. So shall it be!  Tweet This!

Love & Light

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