A Day Of Reflection


Peace Beloveds,

Day 2: A Day of Reflection

Today is dedicated to you connecting with your body and becoming empowered and inspired by its beauty and sacredness. Your body has a story to tell you and it’s important to listen to it. Your beautiful body speaks to your bravery, sacrifice, selflessness, strength, as well as neglect and disregard.

Take a moment after your daily shower to look in the mirror for 10 minutes (or more if ya like) and run your hands softly over your skin as you go. Really take in how breathtakingly beautiful your body is while being mindful to shut down the negative or shaming self-dialogue. Try to hear your body’s story. Your body wants you to see that it fights for you and does its best to create balance whether we are honoring it or not.

Throughout the rest of your day with every action, think of how it serves or can serve the greater good of your body. Give your body what it’s telling you it needs to serve you. This can be healthier meals, more water, removing irritants, movement, stillness, fasting, etcetera. There is an innate part of you that hears loud and clear what’s needed, you simply have to be willing to listen.

May we be intimately connected to our body and its sacredness. May we recognize its beauty and respect its function. So shall it be!

Love & Light

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