Remembering Why You’re So Damn Dope


Peace Beloveds,

Day 1: Remembering Why You’re So Damn Dope!

You’re so AMAZING! The question is, do you know it? Shake off the notion that acknowledging your strengths boldly is an act of narcissism. It’s important to understand the lens that we use to see ourselves. It’s equally relevant to understand that this is the lens we’re projecting to the world telling it how we want to be seen. We truly are the embodiment of our shadow side and our light.

Today, take 20-30 minutes (or more if ya like) writing a list of 10 things in each category listed below:

  • Mental Being
  • Physical Being
  • Emotional Being
  • Spiritual Being

Once you have completed this writing exercise, refer back to it throughout the day.  This will keep the best aspects of yourself in the forefront of your thoughts. Hold a space for your greatness and allow your light to shine unapologetically.

May we all acknowledge and embrace our greatness continually. So shall it be!  Tweet This!

Love & Light

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