New Moon Intention Worksheet


Well my loves, today is a new moon! This is the exciting time where we set our intentions for this next cycle. New moons usher in new energy that we can connect with giving our intentions greater strength and momentum. Syncing our habits and rituals to the moons cycles is especially important for woman. I’m sure when you take a closer look you can see the moons influence in and on various aspects of our daily lives. Understanding the cyclical nature of the moon enables us to connect and redirect energies if need be. It also enables us to understand periods of work, rest, and other pertinent aspects of feminine life. I will certainly be writing on this topic with greater detail in the future however, for today I wanted to get my New Moon Intention Worksheet out to you guys. This worksheet is a base and should be modified to meet your specific needs. So, feel free to add or remove what you like because that’s the beauty of your making any practice your own.


New Moon Cycle Intention Worksheet


Love and Light

Nakeasha J