Daring To Create A Greater Life


One of the most beautiful things in the world is having the privilege of watching someone who’s daring to create a greater life by living out their dreams. To see individuals full of determination, hope, and passion that are able to meet the inevitable challenges, pitfalls, and disappointments of life without wavering or conceding is inspiring. Although I realize that life never promised any of us an easy road on the journey toward our success I will say, everything you need to elevate yourself to the next level is already within you. The truth is though; if you do not believe wholeheartedly that you have everything it takes to live out anything that you can envision, then you’ve already betrayed your greatness and future legacy. In case you needed a gentle reminder, you were not born to be average or mediocre. You weren’t born to idly stand by and except the notion that life is for the taking only when the opportunity presents itself. Instead, I’m here to remind you beloved, this life is yours for the creating.

Determine the type of life you want to create:

The very first thing that needs to be done is determining the life that you want to create for yourself. Take inventory of your passions, skills, emotions, dreams, and aspirations. This will be a great start to determining what types of entrepreneurial endeavors, jobs, or creative avenues that you would like to begin pursuing. Once that has been established, you will need to research that industry, trade, or skill. It will be important to establish a knowledge base that is solid enough for you to move comfortably throughout your process. However, keep in mind that you will continue to learn new things as you advance on your journey.

Plan and execute:

Once you know what you would like to create for yourself, then you will need to create a plan of action. Your plan of action will be a step-by-step guide of the initial phases of your process. I often plan with a time frame of six months to a year at a time. After the selected time frame has come to pass you should reevaluate your plans, adjust them as necessary, and then start on the next phase accordingly. This gives you a chance to purposefully change your course circumnavigating inevitable circumstances or new and pertinent information that you have come across on your journey.

Nothing happens overnight:

There are no shortcuts to achieving your dreams that are worth taking! Patience through the trials and tribulations of your journey are needed to self-sustain. When you feel yourself getting weary and many times you will, dig down deep and remember your why. Recall the love and passion that your dreams and goals elicit. You have to push yourself, always knowing that you are worthy and deserving of the life that you want to create for yourself. Remember, the same fire that destroys some things fortifies others.

Stagnation means the DEATH of your dreams:

Forward movement is essential to crafting the life that you want. Life will provide you with distractions that can and will be very hard to side step. The key is to remain focused and steadfast on your path. When creating the life you want there are going to be things that you will need to learn or perfect in order to achieve your goals. Take time each week to learn something new as it relates to your journey. There is no such thing as having too much knowledge or ambition!

Oprah Winfrey once told India Arie to “be clear about your intention and the universe will rise up to meet you wherever you are.” If there were ever a sentiment that encapsulated this entire blog post, it would be that one. We all have more control over our circumstances and creating the life that we want than we think. It’s when you stop caring about what others think or say, redefine concepts about success, and take ownership of your story, that you can truly go beyond rising and begin thriving.

4 thoughts on “Daring To Create A Greater Life

  1. thanks for all the action ideas. The tricky part is allowing AND HEARING the universe when it does rise up to meet you. is it in the gut, is it in the synchronocities of little things that happen, is it the tiny little feeling in the back of all the mind chatter… and then to relax and feel the answers. Patience is a tough one waiting for those answers “to come across on my journey”. I appreciate your efforts today in giving people some hope, some ideas and another way to approach things, good job. You NEVER know who’s life you just affected- even though they don’t leave a Reply- so keep up the inspiration. have a great week- from an unknown friend, momentummikey

    1. Blessings Momentummikey,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post and comment. You are appreciated! Yes, hearing the universe respond to your call is tricky for a great deal of reasons. I tend to think the biggest problem in hearing the universe is that most people desire it to look or take shape in a particular way. Like children sometimes, we only like things when they fit our vision, are palatable, and/or produce instantaneous results. This is why focusing on the journey and embracing every aspect of it is important. When we seek the truth or alignment with it, the results will not always be pretty but are indeed necessary for the next level of our evolution. Again, I thank you and appreciate your time. Namaste

      1. Indeed! I think that we’ve all either fallen victim to or struggle with this at some point in our journey. I will so, and look forward to learning something new from you as well friend. Enjoy the moments and be well. Namaste

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